Client Spotlight: FM Exteriors

Location: St. Louis, MO

Focus: Installing beautiful roofs and exteriors that stand the test of time

Scope: Marketing strategy, copywriting, website design, graphic design, and sales funnel development


Our Client Spotlight Series is a collection of blogs designed to shine a light on the great work our clients are doing and highlight the various ways we can support nonprofits and small businesses like yours.

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FM Exteriors (FME) is a full-service roofing contractor serving both home and business owners on both sides of the river (Missouri and Illinois).

Whether fixing storm damage or handling renovations, FME provides roofing, siding, and other exterior projects for Midwest homes and businesses.

In a world of fly-by-night roofers, FME strives to be different. They pick up the phone when you call, finish projects on time and under budget, and strive to provide everyone peace in the state of the work and their property.

Our Work Together

Like many companies, the owner of FM Exteriors (DJ Ficken), came to us looking for marketing support in several key areas. With a limited budget, we took a phased approach by first installing multiple sales funnels on their existing site to enable them to start seeing results immediately. Then, with data and results in hand, we returned to the drawing board and built a new website designed to be fast, mobile-friendly, and optimized to convert. 

While not feasible for everyone, a thorough assessment of their existing site allowed us to make improvements and install two sales funnels in time to capitalize on the upcoming Midwest Spring storm season.

What FM Exteriors Can Do For You

If you’re in the St. Louis metro area, FM Exteriors specializes in helping home and business owners install new roofing, siding, and other needed exteriors. 

Plus, perusing their resources page can inspire you and highlight how to showcase more than one lead-generating offer on your website.

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