Create and implement a strategic fundraising plan with ease

Establish a plan to effectively raise more money for your nonprofit organization

Increase giving

Fundraise with confidence

Do more good

Fundraising is more than the art of asking for money

Sure, fundraising helps pay salaries, operate outreach programs, and advance your mission. Unfortunately, fundraising often feels like a practical necessity. It’s the thing you need to get back to the actual work you’re called to do.

While it’s true that every organization has to find a way to keep the lights on—the practice of fundraising extends way beyond asking for money or covering costs. Fundraising at its core is an act of service on behalf of your donors. It’s an invitation to make a difference and help them transform right alongside the people and communities you help.

“The benefit of working with Evan Cox and his team are that he offers an effective, integrated approach to marketing and fundraising: logistics, messaging, design, and more.”

-Jean Johnson, Five Stones Global

Two nonprofit strategists in your corner

Meet Evan

For the last fifteen years, I have served businesses, nonprofits, and the leaders who guide them.

Today, I have the privilege of serving nonprofits with clear marketing that supports your mission as a StoryBrand Certified Guide.

Your audience is counting on you to be a trusted partner they can rely on to make a difference. Jon and I believe your marketing and fundraising efforts should exist to support that mission.

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Headshot of Evan Cox

Meet Jon

Ever felt stuck “doing what we’ve always done” and hoping for fundraising results?

When I was hired at 21 as the Director of Development of a $1M nonprofit, I found myself dropped into this environment.

I was worried that if we didn’t see growth, the mission would be in trouble…

Now, Evan and I help nonprofits and ministries unlock growth through fundraising strategy and coaching that combines the power of clear messaging with insightful data and planning.

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Your guide to greater giving and generosity


Grow your list of givers

and invite new people to care about your work

Implement a strategic plan

that capitalizes on your organization’s opportunities


Cultivate deeper relationships

with your existing donors

Raise more money

and further the cause you care about

Build a strategic fundraising plan

90k+ raised during an end-of-year appeal campaign

We helped a grassroots nonprofit in Georgia with a modest donor list raise over $90k during their end of year holiday campaign. This plan can help you see the same kind of results.

Fundraising campaign fuels their 2 largest donations

We worked with a faith-based counseling center in Portland to create the strategy for an end-of-year matching campaign. This campaign resulted in the two largest-ever gifts to the organization and doubling the number of gifts in December year over year.

3 fundraising plans designed with your organization in mind

The Strategic Fundraising Plan Kit

Perfect for nonprofit leaders with limited budgets who need the plan to build out and then execute

A ready-made strategic fundraising plan template with prompts to guide you and resources to help you solidify your ideal donor, audit current marketing and fundraising activities, and build an effective communications plan.


The Strategic Fundraising Plan Kit + Coaching

Perfect for nonprofit leaders who need the plan along with the assurance that everything is built to meet their needs

The entire ready-made kit above along with 3 coaching calls to ensure your questions are answered and you’re doing it right. Your fundraising questions deserve qualified answers.

Bonus: Donor Welcome Email Series
Utilize this proven email sequence to draw new donors closer to your mission and inspire them to give again.


The Complete Strategic Fundraising Plan Package

Perfect for nonprofit leaders who want a collaborative engagement where we do the heavy lifting to create a custom plan you can easily implement

We curate a custom, strategic fundraising plan for your organization that includes:

  • A kick off strategic session to identify your most important fundraising priorities
  • An in-depth audit of all your current marketing and fundraising efforts to assess performance complete with observations, conclusions, and recommendations
  • A comprehensive donor profile
  • A personalized communications plan
  • A custom case for support
  • Budget breakdown
  • Personalized action plans for you and your team to execute
  • Curated collection of our favorite fundraising resources
  • Ready-made templates (after donation email flows, welcome email series, how to ask for testimonials, response device, communications calendar, and more)
  • Brand Message Workshop to implement a clear message that resonates with each of your audiences
  • A strategic implementation session to unpack how to capitalize on your fundraising priorities
  • A follow up call to check in and re-align goals based on current results


Frequently asked questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers.

Why are their 3 plan options?
Great question! Every nonprofit is unique. From your budget, to programming, and everything in between, we offer these 3 options so that you can select from several done-with-you and done-for-you approaches.
How do I know which option is right for me and my nonprofit?
The baseline option is a ready-made strategic fundraising plan template that’s perfect for nonprofit leaders with limited budgets and still need a plan they can confidently build out and then execute on their own. The second option includes the strategic fundraising plan kit and 3 coaching calls to ensure you’re doing it right. The complete strategic fundraising plan package is ideal for nonprofit leaders who want a collaborative engagement where we do the heavy lifting to create a custom plan that you can easily implement.
What kind of results can I reasonably expect from a strategic fundraising plan like this?
It feels unhelpful to quote all those infomercials that state “results may vary.” Unfortunately, it’s also accurate. By nature, a strategic plan is designed to position you to achieve results—not guarantee them. That being said, everything included is based on best practices that have delivered results for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes. Even though execution is largely on your shoulders, it all starts with a well-laid plan—and we’re here to help you raise more money and further your mission.
Is there any scenario where this fundraising plan isn’t right for my nonprofit?
It’s important for us to answer this question because there are several scenarios where this offer is not a fit. If your primary concern is executing a fundraising plan you already have in place, this will likely not deliver the ROI you’re after.