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Good Marketing Fundraising Strategy Web Design Copywriting Content
Changes Everything

Marketing Fundraising Strategy Web Design Copywriting Content
Changes Everything

We’re a creative and consulting firm that specializes in strategy, brand messaging, copywriting, and websites for nonprofits and small businesses.

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Optimize Your Online Presence

Convert browsers into buyers


Get It Right

Stop wasting energy and effort wondering if you got it right

See Better Results

Make or raise more money for your organization

Marketing should move your mission forward

Whether you’re a small business or nonprofit, marketing should drive growth. Unfortunately, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and executive directors often confide in us that it rarely feels that simple.


They’ve tried DIYing their site—with little luck.


They’re frustrated with a lack of marketing results.


They’re unsure how to explain what they do to customers, clients, and donors.


They’re in desperate need of a marketing or fundraising strategy to further the cause or service they care about.

There’s too much at stake to not get your marketing right. 

Who we serve

Small businesses

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and small business owners need marketing that moves the bottom line. 


Nonprofit founders, executive directors, and teams deserve marketing and fundraising that raises more money and moves your mission forward.

Ready to reach more people?

Whether you run a service-based business, are launching a personal brand, or lead a nonprofit, the right kind of marketing means reaching and serving more people.


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Their success has fueled our own

“I started working with Evan back about ten years ago. I quickly noticed how great he is at helping organizations reach their goals. When I started my own business a few years ago, Evan was the first person we hired to help us build the business. You are going to love working with Evan and you are going to quickly see how much value he brings to the table!”

— Ryan Wakefield, Church Fuel

Let's make your marketing magnetic


Speak to Your Target Audience

in a way that builds trust and authority

Harness the Power of Story

to present a clear and compelling message

Turn Browsers into Buyers

with websites and sales funnels that convert

Inspire Donors to Invest

in the causes they care about

Success in 3 straightforward steps

Schedule a Free Consultation

I’ll listen. You’ll get answers.

Get Strategic About Your Marketing

Receive an individualized plan designed to meet your needs.

Make or Raise More Money

Watch your marketing dollars drive results.

Resources to up your marketing game

Valuable content and resources to help you grow your company or organization.

Good marketing turns complexity into clarity

Most nonprofits and small businesses wrestle with the complexity of having multiple, unique audiences. They might have donors who want impact, volunteers who want to get their hands dirty, diverse product lines, and more—each with their own set of challenges and solutions that need to be addressed on their website and throughout all their marketing.

This often leaves entrepreneurs and executive directors struggling to figure out how to speak to everyone without losing anyone.

If you’ve ever felt this pain point, we can help. We’ll ensure you are equipped with a message that resonates, copy (the words) that compel readers to action, the right choice of channels to share it all, and a plan to move the needle on your strategic priorities.

Donald Miller trusts us. You should too.

“To be completely honest, when Evan first sent me an estimate for his services I thought the price was too high. However, once I received the first draft I knew Evan’s services were worth every penny. Evan really does his research to understand his client, their story and their goals, which enables him to creatively develop content and lead generation tools to meet his clients needs. It is no exaggeration to tell you that from his work we have already mapped out content for 30+ video and Social Media posts and we are just getting started.”

– Paul Whatley
The Paul Whatley Real Estate Team

Let me level with you real quick

Here’s exactly what you can expect from me during your quick, no-obligation consultation.


I’ll follow up and acknowledge your appointment.


I’ll ask you to take 120 seconds to complete a quick questionnaire. No intrusive questions. Just enough information to help come prepared to serve you best.


We’ll spend approximately 15 minutes confirming your needs and goals, determining the right game plan, detailing your investment, and then talking through what you can expect during the length of the project.

And, if you truly are kicking the tires, messaging other marketers, or just on a fact-finding mission, that’s ok too. I invite you to still reach out. If we’re not the right fit or you’re not ready, I’ll be honest and do everything I can to point you in the right direction. 

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Evan Cox

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