52 Nurturing Emails For StoryBrand Guides

Finally Practice What You Preach.

Alleviate Frustration

and ditch writer’s block

Build Brand Loyalty

because you’re consistently adding value to their inbox

Save Time

with done for you emails that are easy to customize

I took months to write this email nurture sequence so you wouldn’t have to.

Written by a guide who specializes in white-label copywriting, this is the no-brainer purchase that can pay for itself over and over again.

“Coming up with 52 nurture email ideas and then writing them as well as Evan did would have taken me way too long. This is a no brainer for an SB Guide or Digital Marketer. Save yourself tons of time and energy and get this deal.”

— Mitch Alverson, B3 Advisors

This prewritten email nurture sequence is perfect for...

Copywriters who feel tapped out from writing client content all the time

Veteran Guides who know they need this, but just don’t have the time to write it all

Brand new Guides who want to start offering value to their readers around StoryBrand right away

Guides who don’t love to write, but still love to have a pipeline of content that keeps their audience engaged

Marketers who have a specific voice and tone, but still need evergreen content they can make their own

Repurpose Everything

by posting it on social media

Ditch the Headache

of writing everything on your own

Make More Money

because your list is active and engaged

Demonstrate Your Authority

with valuable content readers want to receive

“Evan and I have partnered on multiple projects. Every time I present the product to the client, their edits are minor and they walk away saying that it captured what they wanted to say perfectly. I have been able to move faster and take on bigger projects because I have Evan’s help.”

— Julia Block, Stratos Creative

Enhance your sales funnel with an email sequence that can pay for itself over and over again.

I wrote each email to be evergreen so that it’s applicable for guides focusing on everything from copywriting and strategy to SEO and websites (and pretty much everything in between). You can customize ’til your heart’s content, or simply drop in your links and get back to what matters most.

To keep things simple, I highlighted anything you need to personalize and left comments noted as action items to grab your attention anytime I suggest you add in a link from your own website. (hello, affiliate links)

1. Purchase the sequence

2. Load everything into your email platform

3. Build trust and get more business

The no-brainer purchase that will pay for itself over and over again

Fellow guide, Jessie Congleton, once said, “don’t feel bad if it takes you a long time to write good things.”

She’s right. We all know we need a nurturing email sequence, but it’s tough to actually create one. If you’re newly certified, the 90-day onboarding checklist feels daunting enough. And veteran guides, well you’re so busy serving clients there is never time to actually sit down and do it.

“When I became a SB Guide, I did what StoryBrand told me to, I collected email addresses. I built up a list of about 200 contacts but nurturing them consistently was impossible in the midst of managing all of the day to day client relations, sales meetings, networking events, etc. I kept adding more email addresses but often felt guilty because I only sent out content when I was able to, which looked like sending emails 4 times one month and 0 the next.

In 2022, my goal was to email my list every other week. I would write my own content when I was able to and then pull from Evan’s 52 emails when I couldn’t. Having Evan’s 52 Email Nurture Sequence was a game changer! I was consistently able to send nurture emails to my contact list and saw a 7% increase in my open rate. I also closed more deals in a quicker time frame…no doubt because I was in their email inbox providing them with valuable content that proved I could do what I was telling them I could do in the proposal they were reviewing 😉 I also, can’t tell you how many times someone from my email list responded with a thank you or a praise about how helpful my email content was.

Building an email list works IF you consistently nurture them with valuable content. Evan’s email nurture sequence for guide’s is a no brainer investment, hiring a copywriter to write a year’s worth of email content would cost you thousands of dollars and would take a ton of your valuable time managing that project. Do yourself a favor, just spend a couple hundred and get all the email content you will need for the upcoming year delivered right to your inbox after you purchase.”

— Julie Biddle, FitSimply Marketing

12 Emails


Built around foundational elements of marketing, each email reminds the reader why it matters through the lens of story. 

Use ActiveCampaign? I can automatically import this sequence into your account w/ the click of a button.

24 Emails


Send weekly and this sequence provides 6 months of content that nurtures anyone who downloads your lead generator or enters your list.

Use ActiveCampaign? I can automatically import this sequence into your account w/ the click of a button.

36 Emails


This sequence includes the first 24 emails, plus new topics, that promote your authority and offer tremendous value designed to keep readers engaged and ready to do business with you.


Use ActiveCampaign? I can automatically import this sequence into your account w/ the click of a button.

52 Emails


Over a full year, you will offer numerous opportunities for them to buy and learn a ton about marketing, StoryBrand, and how you are perfectly positioned to help their organization.

Use ActiveCampaign? I can automatically import this sequence into your account w/ the click of a button.


Already have a nurture email sequence? You can still…

Repurpose all the email content into social media posts that engage your followers

Use the Google Doc template for delivering future email sequences for clients
Turn it into an internal tool for professional development with staff and non-Guide contractors

Create an onboarding sequence for new hires to learn the power of story-based marketing

Want to see a sample email?

If you’re on the fence about this, I get it. Buying an email sequence, sight unseen, can be unnerving. Check out and use one of the emails included to feel confident about what you’re getting.

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“I get so many responses from the emails based on your sequence that I’m really starting to feel guilty!”

— Annie Schiffmann, Downstage Media

Finally Practice What You Preach.

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