6 Growth Tips for Your Social Media Presence

I’m often asked how to grow a brand’s presence on social media.

I get it…it’s a big deal in today’s digital world. Social media is a land of opportunities, but making the most of it needs a game plan. Here’s a deep dive into some essential tactics and advice I recently shared about boosting a brand’s social media presence.

These insights briefly overview some of the most effective social media strategies. This guide is a perfect place to start as you develop your roadmap for serious and lasting brand growth on social platforms.

Establishing Content Pillars (3-5 Topics)

Content pillars are like the heart of your content world. Choose a few themes that resonate with your brand and your followers. Don’t just talk about your services; mix it up with industry education and even show what happens behind the scenes. It adds that personal touch and keeps your content consistent and relevant.

Posting Frequency and Content Types

Post regularly—aim for 3-5 times a week. Videos tend to catch more eyes, but if that’s not your thing, mix it up with eye-catching graphics and photos. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different content types; the more you post, the more you learn about what your audience loves.

Engaging with the Community

Building a community means actively connecting with your audience. Check out your competitors’ or related businesses’ audience—they could be your future followers, too! Engage with them by commenting and sharing insights. This intentionality can draw like-minded people to your brand.

Utilizing Paid Advertising

Although free reach is amazing, targeted ads can take your brand beyond your current followers. Try ads that get leads; these can grab your ideal customer’s attention and get their email in return for some cool stuff, giving you a direct line to reach out to them later.

Choosing Relevant Social Media Channels

Don’t guess where your audience hangs out; do some homework! Research to find out their favorite platforms. More importantly, put yourselves in their shoes and think about users’ mindset on each platform. For instance, if you’re selling stuff on LinkedIn, consider whether people want to shop there.

Be Patient

Growing your social media brand takes time. Don’t get bummed if you don’t see results right away. Keep creating and sharing content consistently—it’s more like a marathon than a sprint. Results might take time, but keep at it for the long term and it will be worth it!

These principles are my tried-and-true go-to’s for all the social channels we manage. Patience and sticking to these strategies can lead to significant growth in the long run.

And for those needing extra help, our DIY Social Media Club comes with a killer social media scheduler. It’s got prompts, templates, expert feedback, and brainstorming sessions. Join in, and within a day, you’ll have your next month of content planned out!

Julia Block Pearson

Julia began Stratos Creative Marketing to create a work environment that helped both clients and employees design lives that they enjoy. On the client side, she helps business owners make sure each of their marketing strategies work together to produce the results and revenue they want. On the employee side, she leads an awesome team as they navigate the challenges and joys of working remotely.

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