Every Business Needs Good Marketing.

These are my favorite 5 steps to creating a winning sales funnel.

Stop Wasting Money

on marketing that doesn't work

Communicate Clearly

so customers understand the problem you're solving for them

Grow Your Bottom Line

with a sales funnel that works on your behalf 24/7

Get the Checklist

“I started working with Evan back about ten years ago. I quickly noticed how great he is at helping organizations reach their goals. When I started my own business a few years ago, Evan was the first person we hired to help us build the business.”

Ryan Wakefield, Owner Church Marketing University

Up your marketing game and take your company to new heights.

If you’re a business owner who wants to increase sales or you’re a member of the marketing team, this sales funnel checklist will save you an enormous amount of hassle.

You’ll get practical strategies that are easy to implement and an incredible return on your investment.

Stop wasting money on confusing marketing collateral and create a sales funnel that just plain works.


Convert Leads

into sales with a website that works

Stay Connected

to your audience with a powerful email sequence

Offer Value

through a lead generating asset that builds your email list

Build Trust

with testimonials that showcase the value you provide

Get back to doing what you love most.

✔ Understand how to get your website working for you
✔ Gather the right kind of testimonials
✔ Clarify your message so customers understand what you do

✔ Implement pro tips that you can execute today
✔ Specific action steps so you avoid feeling overwhelmed
✔ Harness the power of an automated email sequence